Invidyo Wide Angle HD Video Baby Camera (69930GP) (Open Box)

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Open Box products are Final Sale.No refunds/exchanges/replacements.Condition: Packaging slightly damaged. Item has been thoroughly inspected, tested, and cleaned. Otherwise, item is in good condition.World's Smartest Video Baby MonitorAlways make sure...


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Vendor: Invidyo
Type: Open Box
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Open Box products are Final Sale.
No refunds/exchanges/replacements.

Condition: Packaging slightly damaged. Item has been thoroughly inspected, tested, and cleaned. Otherwise, item is in good condition.

World's Smartest Video Baby Monitor

Always make sure that your child is safe and never miss a moment even if you are not there.

Smart Facial Recognition Always ON Child and Household Security

Label familiar faces and spot strangers with ‘Stranger Alarm' our state-of-the-art facial recognition technology for your child's safety. Receive immediate mobile alerts when strangers detected.

Your Baby’s Personal Smile Photographer

A lovely feature that captures all happy and smiling moments of your baby and saves them into your private ‘Smile Photo Album' which can be downloaded and shared with friends anytime.

Daily Summary Videos of Your Child's Day

A fast and easy way for you to check the most important events of your child's day. No need to go back and spend hours watching the recordings of the whole day. Generated by highly sensitive noise and motion sensors and our smart algorithms. Delivered to you at the end of everyday.

Instant notifications throughout the day

It's your right to always know what's going on with your child. Invidyo notifies you if anything happens. A noise, motion, recognition of a familiar face, detection of a stranger, unexpected temperature change, dangerous humidity level or air quality or smoke detection in your child's room. Don't worry if you can't watch your child live because you are busy at work. Invidyo is always watching.

Room Temerature Monitoring for your Child's Health

Does the room temperature get too cold when you are not home? Or is too hot? Invidyo has an always on room temperature sensor that helps you to stop worrying about those questions. You will receive instant notifications from Invidyo should the room temperature go below or above your pre-defined thresholds.

Best View of the Room With Wide Angle HD Camera

Invidyo's 130 degree wide angle lens makes it possible to watch the entire room with a single camera. With its unique design and functional body set up your video baby montioring camera on any spot in the room and never miss a moment or an angle.

Instant Two-way Communication with Your Child or the Caregiver Anytime

Invidyo's in-built high quality speaker allows you to communicate with anyone in the room through the mobile application at any moment. You can talk to your child, sing to your baby, play your baby's favorite lullaby or talk to the caregiver.

Advanced Nightvision Allows Day/Night Viewing and Recording

Even in the darkest moments of the night, our advanced night vision feature provides a perfect image and allows continous recording.

Remotely pan or tilt your invidyo to see the whole room.

You can pan or tilt your invidyo camera right from the Invidyo mobile app to easily see everything in the room.


  • 24/7 live video and smart event recording
  • Wide Angle HD Video Camera with Night Vision
  • Room Temperature Detection
  • Remote Pan and Tilt Feature
  • Instant Push Notifications during the day
  • Artificial Intelligence Face Recognition
  • Familiar Faces notification and `stranger' alarm
  • Your child's end of day `Daily Summary Video'
  • Smart Auto Smile Detection and Photo Albums