General customer service guidance

General customer service guidance

Customer service is taken very seriously at Dear Born. We want you to be able to access all the customer service you need and access it easily. This is a general guide to all the links emails and phone numbers you may need to use, so you do not feel frustrated in your search for help.


For general shipping questions:

please go to Shipping & delivery policy

If you do not find what you need here, and your question is in regards to a Dear Born shipment please send an email to If your question / issue is related to an order from a third-party site (such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart etc), please use the customer service for that site, as you are their client and indirectly ours until they reach out to us which they will, if they cannot help you.


For General Dear Born order questions:

Email the details with your order # to


Warranty questions. The majority of the items we sell will having warranties of varying degrees. If you buy a stroller or a car seat,  please make sure you register these items with the brand. We will help you through any issues with any item you have bought at Dear Born. Many suppliers like to service the people who buy their items from registered providers such as Dear Born. If they provide in house service, we will help you connect with them. For all questions, please email

For damaged products, repairs or a request for parts, please send an email with a description of the issue(s), images of the product(s) and the manufacturing labels to

Stock questions. Do you want to know if something is in stock? If you know the item /sku number and go to our website, and it says you can put it in the basket, then you can conclude it’s in stock. If you want to know how many of an item we have, or how long something will take to arrive or come back into stock, either call 905 881 3334 or send an email to and our dedicated customer service people will help you.

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