Stokke Care Changing Table - White

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Stokke Care Changing Table - White

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Stokke Care is a changing table that makes diaper changes enjoyable and intimate. The changing table raises your baby higher, encouraging eye-contact. Space underneath provides room for your feet, allowing you to stand closer for better reach. Best of all, Stokke Care has been designed so that your baby can lie facing you rather than sideways. This allows you to face your baby for play and interaction while making diaper changes far easier.

Features & Benefits

  • Parent-facing changing position.
  • Height adjustable top level, providing two different working levels. (Level 1 in: 38. Level 2 in: 34
  • Space underneath provides room to stand closer to baby
  • High side bars prevent rolling off the table
  • Practical storage solutions with side trays, horizontal bars and shelf baskets
  • Easy-to-clean, anti-slip changing mat (height 1.2)
  • Made from durable solid beech wood
  • Long lasting - grows with the child from changing table to desk
  • Changing table can easily be modified into shelving unit and small desk