Peg Perego Duette Piroet Classico - Atmosphere

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Peg Perego Duette Piroet Classico - Atmosphere

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Super agile! The stroller opens and can be moved with just one hand!

The Duette Piroet twin stroller was specifically designed to allow parents to enjoy the wonderful experience of growing twins or close siblings with ample comfort and all the quality of made in Italy guaranteed by Peg Perego.

Duette Piroet can be used with newborns and older children. Extremely agile: it can move through even the most difficult of spaces, such as supermarket check-out areas.

Extremely versatile: the Pop-Up seats can be placed in various positions to satisfy the needs of both kids and parents!

The Duette Piroet trolley can be used to attach Pop-Up chairs with many different combinations so that your children can look outwards, towards their mother or travel face-to-face. Its versatility doesn't end here! Peg Perego technology and more specifically the G-Matic system mean that it is easy to attach and detach the accessories right from birth. These include: 2 Primo Viaggio SL car seats (for children from 0-13 kg) or the Navetta Pop-Up bassinet. With the Duette Adaptor, as many as 2 Navetta Pop-Up bassinets can be installed.

There is room for everyone on the Duette Piroet! The Pop-Up seats recline in different positions, even all the way down, and are ideal for the nap time of your children, who will be snug and comfortable. To ensure sweet dreams to your newborn twins, the 5-point safety harnesses have padded shoulder and crotch straps. Comes complete with a front cover that opens and closes and a spacious basket tested for twins!

Extremely handy, the Duette Piroet stroller has a handy single handlebar that guarantees easy movement even with one hand only. Thanks to the swivel front wheels, the stroller can be steered with agility and with a very tight turning radius, offering plenty of manoeuvring depth. Once closed, the Pop-Up car seats and the spacious basket remain mounted and fold back into the frame. The wheels are easily removable for additional space in the trunk. The footrest platforms which can be doubled are adjustable to provide lots of relax. A toy can be hung from the compact hood, which can be extended and has a net panel that provides extra ventilation on hot days.

The Soft-Ride wheels of the Duette Piroet have an ultra-resistant lining that adjusts to the ground surface. This means the child can travel comfortably even in uncomfortable situations, such as wet areas, uneven terrain, pavements in town, paved surfaces, gravel and dust roads.

Sturdy and practical, the Duette Piroet stroller can travel on all types of terrain thanks to thesprung wheels and an impressive 12 ball bearings that give 360 degree agility. This means perfect manoeuvring ease, even on uneven surfaces, and 30% less effort compared to ordinary strollers. The front wheels are lockable swivelling wheels and the rear ones, which are larger to ensure better performance, have a bar brake.

Features & Benefits

  • Why choose Duette Piroet: Walks with your twins using this stroller that has been especially designed for twins or siblings close in age, and can be used from birth to when your children are older. Its incredible versatility means that it can even accommodate 2 Primo Viaggio SL car seats (for children 0-13 kg) or 2 Navetta Pop-Up bassinets that can be purchased separately.
  • Compliance EN1888 European Standard
  • Suitable from/to: 0-36 months.
  • Product features: Includes 2 extendible hoods with zip, aeration net and toy holder, basket, and adjustable split footrests.
  • Grip: The single handlebar can be height-adjusted so that the stroller can be driven with only one hand and makes steering the swivelling front wheels a breeze.
  • Accessories Primo Viaggio SL car seats, Navetta Pop-Up bassinet, Rain Cover, Mosquito Netting, Matching bag, Baby Cushion, Vario Foot Muff, Duette Adaptor.
  • Colour range: Soft Fabric Collection: Atmosphere. The fabrics can be completely removed and washed.
  • Chassis fold Book fold.
  • Transport: The side handles mean that it can be lifted when open.
  • Hood Extendible with zip, aeration net and toy holder loop.
  • Seat: Comfortable seat that can be reclined all the way horizontally. Extra comfort thanks to the split footrest. Height-adjustable 5-point safety harness with padded shoulder straps and leg partitions.
  • Backrest/leg rest: Multi-position backrest. Leg rest adjustable in two positions, protective padding on the shoulder straps and leg divider.
  • Wheels: Soft-Ride with Easy Drive System, with suspensions and 12 ball bearings, highest manoeuvring comfort and 30% less effort required compared to ordinary strollers. Front wheels: lockable or swivelling ( 20 cm); rear wheels: 27 cm.
  • Brakes: Rear, bar-driven.
  • Maintenance: Lining can be removed and hand washed.
  • Additional information: Thanks to the G-Matic system, you can attach 2 Primo Viaggio SL car seats (for children from 0-13 kg) or the Navetta Pop-Up bassinet to the chassis. With the Duette Adaptor you can even install as many as 2 Navetta Pop-Up bassinets.
  • Frame material: Lacquered aluminium - a solid structure to control movement stability but at the same time light enough to be very easily manoeuvred and carried. Suitable for children from 0 to 36 months. Colour: jet-black.
  • Upholstery: Polyester
  • Size of unfolded stroller: With car seats measuring 56.5 x 109 x 135.9 cm (width, height, depth).
  • Size of folded chassis: 56.5 x 40 x 113 cm (width, height, depth).
  • Weight: Weight of the frame 12.9 kg Weight of the car seat 2.8 kg Weight of the frame plus car seats 18.5 kg