Merino Cocooi Swaddle & Hat Set - Banbury (0-3 Months)

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Merino Cocooi Swaddle & Hat Set - Banbury (0-3 Months)
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Swaddling is an age-old practice that promotes healthy sleep patterns, and better sleep helps strong development in a newborn’s early days. Swaddle baby gently and securely in the Cocooi Swaddle in three quick and easy steps, with its clever ‘diagonal-wing’ design.Luxuriously soft and comfortably lightweight, the fine-spun merino fabric is safe to use for babies with allergies, eczema and sensitive skin.

The Merino Kids Cocooi range has been designed especially with the safety and comfort of newborns to 3 months old in mind. The range includes blankets, clothing, a sleep bag and the award-winning Cocooi Swaddle baby wrap – the world’s first, made from 100-Percent superfine Merino wool.Merino fabric has the remarkable natural ability to regulate body temperature so your child won’t overheat, or wake up cold – perfect for all seasons and environments. It captures and circulates air to insulate your baby when the room temperature falls, and releases excess body heat and moisture as the room temperature rises, creating the perfect safe micro-climate around their body. This unique garment property helps keep young ones cool when it is hot, and warm when it is cold.