Kidicomfort Goodnight Crib Mattress

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Kidicomfort Goodnight Crib Mattress
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The Kidicomfort Goodnight Crib Mattress by Kidiway, is a 100% vinyl mattress. It has a water and stain resistant cover, no lead, no phthalate, 100% non-toxic, and meets or exceeds all US Certification Guidelines. This mattress has 2 stages: One of the sides is ultra-firm for infants (0-12 months) and the other side is more comfortable for toddlers (12months and up). The cover is water and stain resistant, it does not contain lead or phtalate and is non-toxic.

Features & Benefits

  • Vinyl mattress - textured vinyl cover
  • Lead and Phthalate compliant
  • 2 Stages: one ultra firm side for infant up to 12 months and one side for toddler 12 months and up