i-angel Miracle All-In-One Hipseat & Carrier - Powder Blue

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i-angel Miracle All-In-One Hipseat & Carrier - Powder Blue

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HEAD SUPPORT SECURES BABY'S HEAD: Provides secure support for babies who can't quite hold up their heads yet, or when they are sleeping, and prevents shaken baby syndrome.

EXTRA SUPPORT FOR YOUR WAIST WITH WIDE VELCRO BELT: The wide Velcro on the waist belt provides further security and does not put undue pressure on the waist.

STOMACH PRESSING PREVENTION CUSHION FOR MOM'S COMFORT: Padded secret cushion on the inside of the hipseat where it contacts the stomach to minimize pressure on the C-section scar.

MADE FROM MATERIALS ADHERING TO STRICT SAFETY STANDARDS: i-angel uses only the best materials from YKK, Woojin Plastic, companies that are known for safety not only in Korea but also internationally

  • Fabric Material: 100% cotton
  • Contents : 1 Hip Seat + 1 Carrier + 1 Baby Wrapper + 1 Sleeping Hood + Organic Cotton Teething Pad (shoulder & front)
  • Weight-Distributable / Wearable in All Seasons / Easy Wearing Mechanism / Reliability and Safety
  • Recommended Age: 30 days to 36 months / Recommended Weight : ~ 44 pounds
  • Waist Size : 26 3/8 - 42 1/8 inches
  • Product Weight: 3.57 pounds