Famidoc 4-in-1 Ear & Forehead Infrared Thermometer FDIR-V16

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Famidoc 4-in-1 Ear & Forehead Infrared Thermometer FDIR-V16
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The Famidoc FDIR-V16 is a high technology medical thermometer for measuring eardrum and forehead temperature of human body via in frared rays emitted from the eardrum and skin surface.

Two user design

The product has two user mode, each user's test data is stored separately.

High reliability

This product has passed the life and reliability test manufacturers internal, mean time to failure is≥1000h.

High accuracy

This product has passed the European Union and Chinese the infrared thermometer performance standards for measuring clinical requirements, measuring clinical repeatability is no more than ±0.5°F (0.3°C).

Humanization design

  • When the temperature exceeds the range, LCD will display the Lo or Hi prompt.
  • When operating environment exceed the design specifications, LCD will display the Err prompt.
  • When the thermometer battery power is insufficient, it has low voltage icon.
  • Has the hardware self-test function, when hardware malfunction is detected, the Err will display prompts.

Power saving function

Start the thermometer or without any operation after temperature measurement, the thermometer automatically enter standby state in 30±10S, the screen displays time and environmental temperature alternately.

Memory storage function

The design of 32groups of data storage for each user in total and query function, can save measurement mode and temperature measurement of your value for query.

Backlight indication function

  • With the design of backlight indication function, it is easy for the people to identify the temperature in the dark environment.
  • Two-color LED indication function
  • In the forehead temperature measure mode:
  • If the body temperature within 89.6°F -99.5°F (32°C -37.5°C), Green LED light is lighting;
  • If the body temperature within 99.6°F -109.2°F (37.6°C -42.9°C), Red LED light is lighting;

Flashlight function

The product is equipped with a flashlight, do not need to turn on the lights in a dark environment of open a flashlight to observe the measuring part.