BabyDam Original Bathwater Barrier

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BabyDam Original Bathwater Barrier

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BabyDam has been designed specifically to turn your family bath into A baby bath tub. Lots of room for fun and enjoyment!

Turns your standard porcelain bathtub into your baby's bathtub - The BabyDam bathtub divider customizes the size your standard size Porcelain bathtub to meet the needs of baby today and has he/she grows

Why fill your whole tub to bathe your baby? - With BabyDam you can create a smaller, safer space saving precious Water, Energy, Time, Space & Money

Not compatible with all tubs, please view all pictures and read listing carefully. Contact seller if you have any questions.

Fits standard size & shaped porcelain tubs with no slip resistant texture on the bottom. Bottom surface must be completely smooth


  • Saves you precious water and valuable time as you only need to fill the section of bath required
  • Works in P-shaped bathtubs.
  • Creating a great space for your baby to enjoy bathtime
  • Will accompany your Baby while growing from a newborn to a toddler

Please Note BabyDam Is incompatible If Your Bath Has a Textured surface, A smooth clean surface is required to seal the BabyDam in place.

Not compatible with most plastic/acrylic tubs - If you have a plastic/acrylic or fiberglass tub please contact us before buying as most of these tubs are not compatible with the BabyDam