1... How many products should a good registry have on it?

Lots is the answer. You should have a varied selection of items, with as many different price points as possible, so there is something for everyone, including the group buys. Don’t be shy! Your registry also doubles as your own complete shopping list, so fill it up and let people shop, shop, shop!

2... Can I have items shipped to me, or do I have to pick them up?

The purchaser can choose to ship anywhere (to you, to themselves, to anywhere) or, they can choose to pickup at the store.

3... Can I return gifts I do not want to keep?

Absolutely. You should return the gifts you do not wish to keep. Make sure they are in the original condition they were bought (original un damaged packaging and completely packed in original form as in the stores return policy), within 60 days of your event date, posted on your registry. All returned items receive an in- store credit that can be used at any time.

4... Do my gifts come gift wrapped?

If someone picks up smaller items in store, we can place them in our bag, with tissue and ribbon all ready to go. Larger items we do not wrap.

5…Do you give a gift receipt?

Yes. We issue a gift receipt for gift purchases no problem.

6... How do I know who gave me what?

Easy. Sign into your registry profile and filter for purchased items. You will then see purchase info and everything you need is there. If you need further assistance call us or use the chat.

7... How do I get my registry discount?

Simple. Register for at least 20 unique items. When you want to close your registry out, you will receive a 10% discount on all remaining unbought items (regular retail price). You can do your closeout by phone or in person. There may be some brand exceptions so call ahead to double check. There is one closeout per registry and it can be done up to 3 months after the event date.

8... What happens to items that are not in stock when someone orders them for me?

When items are a pre order or special order, there will be an indication online as to how long this item is going to take. We call you as soon as the item arrives and you let us know if you are picking up or want it mailed.

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