At Dear-Born Baby we recognize that you want all the best products for your baby on an easy-to-use registry. Here’s how to do that...

#1... You can register online or in-store (or a combo). We are here to help you in person or over the phone. If you want to do a one on one please call us and book at (905) 881-3334 or email

#2... Share your registry with your friends and family so that they can buy you some gifts

#3… Closeout discount. A 10% discount applies to all remaining items on your registry (at regular retail price), with the exception of just a few brands (ask us for details). To qualify you must have at least 20 unique items on your registry (that someone else has bought or you intend to buy yourself), at the time of closeout. The closeout can happen any time up to 3 months after the event date on file. Only one closeout per registry. Once the closeout has occurred the registry will be closed. CLOSEOUTS MUST BE DONE BY THE REGISTRANT UNLESS OTHERWISE ARRANGED, IN-STORE OR BY PHONE.

#4... that’s it!!! Simple!! Enjoy and ask us if you have any questions.

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