Aykasa Mini Foldable Storage Crate - Grey

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Aykasa Mini Foldable Storage Crate - Grey

Aykasa was designed in 2007, originally made for restaurants, harvesting vegetables, and for the food industry – hence the food safe plastic type and the strong quality, which is not matched by other crates in the market today.

When not in use, they easily fold together and take up a minimum of space. Made of PP plast – a material, Aykasa has selected for multiple purposes; It’s foodsafe – bacterias cannot live on the surface. PP plastic is very easy to recycle and therefore has a fine environmental footprint. It is maintenance-free, is highly durable and can be used for many, many years.

Use Examples:

  • Magazine storage
  • Storage of toys in the kids room
  • Clothing storage
  • In the bathroom for towels and cloths

Technical Specifications:

  • L 27 cm, W 17 cm, H 11 cm
  • Volume 4 liters
  • Loading capacity 2.5 kg
  • Weight 180 g.
  • 100 % Recyclable