About Green Program

About Green Program

When Dear-Born Baby was born in 1979, we initially offered only recycled baby items that parents no longer used or needed. As we grew, we added new products to go along with used items and have since become Toronto’s longest-standing, independently owned baby boutique! Today we offer the latest in thousands of fabulous baby products in the city’s largest furnishings department, everything a new parent is looking for.

As retail practices evolve, we have also adapted to environmental challenges of selling through brick-and-mortar and online. Challenges such as product delivery, returns, and packaging, which can often end up in landfills. This issue, common among all retailers, is something we actively address by simply returning to our roots. 

Crib and Dresser Settings that are ready to go!

We at Dear-Born Baby are thrilled to introduce our new Green Program, an initiative designed specifically to offset the retail industry’s carbon footprint while helping parents obtain fully usable and functional parenting items at bargain prices. We know that by giving parents the option to purchase recycled products, we are helping support the growth of our community and its future.  We offer a variety of products from gear to clothing! Please note: all clothing items have been washed but we suggest always washing baby clothing in your preferred detergent before using the items.

Easy explanation of how this program works:

  • Read the green leaves for an explanation on pricing.
  • Assess your purchases online or in our designated in store area.
  • See descriptions and the program’s terms and conditions online for full details.

 The items that we see fit for this program will be fully assessed and tested, then graded accordingly. For the online assesment: read the product description.

For in-store assessment:

Join us on our quest to keep the earth a little greener and explore the deals in The Green Program.